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Welcome to Professor Pest Control. We are a friendly reliable pest control service who understand in great customer service. We have a team of highly skilled pest controllers who each carry the relevent qualifications allowing them access to your property to treat all types of pest control work.

We believe in the best customer service, which is why we can be with you between 30-90* minutes after your call. With a reactive pest control team, we are your number one choice when it comes to professional pest controllers.

We also provide a free price quotation service, meaning that we can provide you with a free quotation over the phone relevent to the work your require. This allows you to be completely sure of the price before we arrange for a date to be with you.

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Mice are a common pest within the UK. Mice can enter a property through the smallest places. Most usually, openings or holes that wiring or piping goes through the floors, walls, or ceilings.

Finding mice in your home can be a disturbing experience, they can spread disease, leave droppings all over the property and eat into anything not sealed in a plastic container.

Rodents such as mice need to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth trim and they will gnaw on most things. Mice droppings are around 6mm long and house mice generally will leave dirty black smears along well travelled routes especially where they have to squeeze under objects.

Mice are treated depending on the level of infestation. The common methods of treating mice are from laying down baits and poisons, or trapping them. Laying down poisons is only an option providing there are no children or pets around. The poisons are laid down in the open in bait trays in the loft, in tamper proof bait boxes internally or externally, or in throw packs.

The three most common active poisons are Difenacoum, Brodifacoum or Bromadiolone. Brodifacoum can only be used internally as it is the most potent of the poisons. Engineers may sometimes use both poison and traps on site depending on the level of infestation.

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With a 30-90* minute response rate, we can be with you the same day you call!

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